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Acne Conglobata Information

This is a very severe type of acne; lesions originate in comedones but eventually assume considerable size.

Acne Conglobata affects adolescents and adults, chiefly men, and is widespread over the face, trunk and extremities.

A rare form that usually affects males, acne conglobata covers the back,chest, and buttocks with pustules and nodules, which often connect under the skin. Because of this tendency to connect, severe bacterial infection is possible, as well as extensive scarring. Medical attention is required.

The individual lesions are big, fluctuating, dark red, cyst-like abscesses which persist for a long time.

Some of them rupture forming sinuses; others become ulcerated resembling. scrofuloderma. They cause destruction of tissues, but finally heal, leaving hypertrophic, often bridged scars.

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