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Acne Medicine Information

Lotions containing 2 to 3 per cent salicylic acid in combination with 1 to 5 per cent resorcinol are applied overnight and removed in the morning.

The lotion may be used for three nights in succession, and then followed by rest of one day.

A very good and pleasant shake-lotion for acne is:

Potassa sulphurata 3 to 8 gm
Zinc sulphate 3 to 8 gm
Calamine prep. 5 to 10 gm
Spirit rectified 30 cc
Aqua calcis to 100 cc

Benzoyl peroxide (2.5 or 5%) and Azelaic acid are the new external agents.

This lotion may be applied by women also during the day as "make up" powder if liquor ferrichlorate is added in quantities adjusted to the different complexions. Some cases of acne with multiple comedones, with severe lesions and residual scars which fail to respond to ordinary therapy, require peeling with Lassar's peeling paste:

Beta Naphthol 2 gm
Sulphur Sublimis 4 gm
Soft Soap 12.0 gm
Vaseline 12.0 gm

The paste is rubbed into the skin at night for 2 to 3 days till hyperemia and desquamation occur. This procedure may be repeated after a few days rest. Two to three such courses are usually enough.

Vitamin A acid (Retionic acid), topically is a good keratolytic agent and gives fair to excellent results. There are dozens of medicines, both external and internal, marketed for treatment of acne; none of them is a panacea.

All are, more or less, designated on the lines discussed above. In acne therapy, there should be simultaneous treatment of accompanying seborrhoeic condition of the scalp.

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