Acne Psoriasis Treatment
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Medical Treatment

Medical treatment is suggested only in cases of chronic or severe acne and should be taken from the dermatologist.

To outline the drug treatment, it aims chiefly to:

  • Cut down the bacteria in the hair follicles and on the skin surface.
  • Open the hair follicles by removal of the blackheads.
  • Cut down the acne inflammations.

Local Drug Treatments

The local drug preparations are made of an active chemical compound (drug) and a vehicle or medium compound in which the drug is dissolved.

In recent years, Benzoyl Peroxide preparations available as gels and lotions have become very popular in the treatment of acne. Cream "Ultra Clearasil" is a very potent Benzoyl preparation. One of the main action points of Benzoyl Peroxide is to kill bacteria. It releases oxygen which helps in killing anerobic bacteria.

Usually one daily application is sufficient, but two may be recommended in case of stubborn acne. The acne condition improves in two to three weeks of continual application.

Benzoyl Peroxide can have one side-effect - it can excessively dry up the skin. Some women can be allergic to it. Which is why this drug treatment needs a careful administration.

The sulphur drug prepareations, available as creams, gels and lotions, are extremely effective in treating acne. Like Benzoyl Peroxide, sulphur is committed to killing bacteria. Sulphur is a disinfectant and used in skin treatments for eczema, etc.

In treating acne, sulphur drug preparations work in other ways too. It loosens and dislodges the blackheads from skin pores by causing the skin to peel.

The skin condition begins to improve within two to three weeks. There are no major side-effects. However, it is good to test whether the patient is allergic to sulphur or not.

Tetracycline usually has no side-effects and hence is the safest drug. However, in some uncommon cases, it causes bilousness, indigestion, vaginal thrush or rash. A precaution: tetracyclines are not recommended during pregnancies.

Note:Keep out of the sun when taking tetracycline - it causes photosensitivity.

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