Acne Psoriasis Treatment
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Adult Acne Information

Acne in the aged - Single or grouped comedones are frequently seen in the elderly people. Research shows that stress and hormone changes can play a factor in the sudden appearance of adult acne.

The main seat of involvement is the temporal and the peri-ocular regions.

They usually persist unaltered, only occasionally showing a tendency to become inflamed.

How Does the Acne Process Starts In Adults

The adults in whom the acne start to develop, their skin start showing the signs of increasing sensitivity and the glands of the skin start to produce more oil than it usually does. It is also noted that the cells that are lining the hair follicle start becoming sticky and they are not shed in a normal way, but they tend to gradually block the duct and therefore the oil and the dead skin cannot be washed away and hence results in the initiation of the acne process.

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