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What Is Cystic Acne?

We all know that people suffer from acne, but have you ever heard about cystic acne . When the people deal with their acne pimples roughly, this then causes the formation of the cystic acne.

Cystic acne is the most severe kind of acne. In this type, the acne pimples form cysts and these are filled with pus. The cystic acne causes the scarring of the skin and these aggravate more when the cysts are squeezed to express the pus and this causes a permanent scar to develop.

How Is Cystic Acne Formed?

Cystic acne is an infected form of acne in which the infection of the acne lesion occurs when the oil ducts are clogged with the oil and the cellular debris and then gets infected. The population who is more prone to acne are teens and adults. There are people who are prone to other forms of acne and develop this type of acne because many factors but the most important to be mentioned here is not taking care of their hygiene and poor diet, which results in the suppressed immune system of the body.

You Must Not Pick On Cystic Acne

It is of great importance that the cystic acne lesions are not picked at, as squeezing the cyst causes the skin to break and this just causes the pus to be expressed out on the skin surface and then it irritates the skin for weeks. This also causes the formation of other acne lesions around the already present cystic acne from which this fluid is expressed. So you must take into consideration that no matter how much itching you are feeling on the cystic acne lesions, you are not going to pick on them.

Treating Cystic Acne

For cystic acne, the acne creams and gels just do not work. In order to treat them, it must be the injectable medication or oral antibiotics that are needed to cure the cystic acne. You must consult your doctor to write you the specific prescription drugs that you would need to treat the cystic acne, as if the initial antibiotic treatment proves ineffective, your doctor can prescribe you a stronger medicine to take effect and help your acne.

Over The Counter Medications

You must be very careful while you use the over the counter medications because these products will not prove ineffective but can also cause severe side effects due to these chemicals.

Psychological Effects Of Acne

There are a whole lot of psychological effects that are there in an individual's life who is going through cystic acne. There are disfiguring effects of the acne on the face and this causes the individual to go through severe stressors and this ultimately results in the shattered self confidence and would lead them to live the lives where they are isolated and they do not share much of their feelings and do not allow anyone to come in their circle of trust where they could share their feelings openly and this is where they just hide behind themselves and feel ashamed about their selves, which is what they are being made to feel and rather than being supported by their peers, they are being bullied, which just raises a concern as to the damage we are causing to these individuals, what if it was us in place of them, how would we feel if this would have happened to us.

Get A Good Over The Counter Cleanser

You must get a good over the counter cleanser for your cystic acne treatment and you must apply that cleanser very gently and must not dry your skin by rubbing it harshly, but rather dry it by dabbing the towel, which should be very smooth over the cystic acne lesions very softly so that it does not peel away the skin over these lesions. You must not work harsh on your skin so that you do not strip all of the oil from it. Dermatologists suggest the individuals who are going through the acne problems is that they should not use the standard bath soap, which is not good for the acne skin.

The Starting Point For Treating Acne

It is really important for you to know that the most important to start with to treat the acne is to keep the skin clean. This might not cure your acne but will keep it a lot under control. In order to keep your skin clean you will need very specific moisturizers and skin products that must be in compliance with your skin and must be acne friendly.

Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment

This ingredient, benzoyl peroxide, is the primary ingredient to treat your cystic acne and you must remember that you need to start using it at a very low dose on your cystic acne lesions, as your skin would not react to this by showing skin irritation and redness, but allows to work its way smoothly on the skin and benefit it in the best possible way.

Buy Yourself The Right Moisturizer

You must buy yourself the right moisturizer that is according to your skin type and is acne friendly as well. The best use of the moisturizer is that it would not make your skin dry and would protect the skin from the effect of reddening caused by the benzoyl peroxide. You can get yourself the moisturizer that could be a sunscreen and is not comedogenic and also has the moisturizing effects in it as well and would work as the best solution for your cystic acne.

What If Your Skin Reacts To Benzoyl Peroxide Treatment?

If your skin reacts to the benzoyl peroxide treatment and is causing a great deal of aggravation and irritation and reddening of your skin then you must stop using that as part of your treatment to prevent the current situation from getting worse.

Pain From Cystic Acne

Cystic acne is certainly a very painful condition and if you need to take care of it and not to develop it into a painful condition, then you must care for your skin as much as you can. This would require you to be really very disciplined and must follow all the rules by the line so that you can make sure that the cystic acne lesions do not get aggravated and not cause you to experience any pain.

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