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What is Feline Acne?

Feline acne is a rare skin condition which affects very few people. Feline acne generally involves a bacterial infection. Other conditions that can cause similar-appearing conditions include skin mites, ringworm, yeast infection, or auto-immune diseases such as eosinophilic granuloma complex also known as rodent ulcers.

Causes of Feline Acne

The Feline acne is attributed to the bacterial infection. One most common cause of Feline acne is use of plastic food bowls. Plastic is porous, and bacteria can lodge in the crevices.

Treatment of Feline Acne

  • The most effective treatment of Feline acne is to wash the area daily with dilute antiseptic soap such as chlorhexidine (non-dental brands like Hibiclens or Nolvasan) or iodine (Betadine) until it's cleared up.
  • Do not use antibacterial hand soap; it will leave too much residue.
  • Detergent dish soap is far too strong and will damage the skin.
  • Treatment of feline acne depends on the severity.
  • If it's mild, just a few blackheads or specks of dark skin discharge, it may go off automatically.
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