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Cheek implants

Genetic as well as environmental factors contribute to sunken cheeks.

If you think your cheeks have become "depressed" with age, adding implants will add definition to your face and provide a more youthful appearance.

Cheek implants are generally performed by facial plastic surgeons who use a local anesthetic to numb the cheeks. Recovery time is usually confined to one week.

Cheeks can be filled with both natural and synthetic substances. Body fat, often taken from the hip, is removed with a syringe, and put through a special process before it is placed in the cheeks.

However, fat placed this way does dissolve with time, which means that periodic touch-ups are needed. Synthetic materials such as Gore- Tex are popular because Gore- Tex can be molded more easily to provide a particular look.

The procedure is reversible when synthetic materials are used, so if you are not pleased with the result the implant can be further manipulated.

In addition, GoreTex lasts a lot longer, perhaps indefinitely, compared to natural fillers, so touch-ups are not needed.

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