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Genital psoriasis

Genital psoriasis generally appears as red, shiny skin around the genital area. The skin feels tight and sore. It may even split or even crack. Given the proximity to the anus, genital psoriasis runs a high risk of accompanying infections, especially when the skin cracks.

What is the trigger or causes of Genital Psoriasis?

It is not easy to pinpoint what triggers genital psoriasis and it can just occur spontaneously. It often occurs where there is flexural psoriasis affecting other parts of the body. However it can occasionally be triggered by: tight clothes which rub the skin, contraceptives - sheaths, caps and spermicides, sanitary towels or tampons, harsh toilet paper, thrush or sexual intercourse.

Tips on how to deal with genital psoriasis

Genital psoriasis can be difficult and frustrating to treat because of the nature of the affected skin. Genital psoriasis usually responds well to various topical treatments; however, caution should be taken due to the sensitive nature of the skin in this area. However, by keeping up with the treatment regimen recommended by your doctor, you may find relief and clear your psoriasis.

•  Use steroids exactly as prescribed.

•  Do not apply high-concentration coal tar ointments to the to areas with cracked skin; they can cause irritation.

•  Cleanse the area and reapply your medications after being intimate with your partner.

•  Let your partner know that psoriasis is not contagious.

•  Start treatment right away to get a quick response and to avoid complications. Follow your physician's advice very carefully.

•  Wash all medications from the genital area before sexual activity; certain medications can be very irritating.

•  Tell the doctor who is treating you that you have psoriasis or a family history of psoriasis, so the possibility of genital psoriasis can be investigated.

•  Keep the area clean.

How can one prevent Genital Psoriasis?

It is better to seek help from your general practitioner or consultant for this very sensitive area. Do not try to treat it yourself.

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