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Postular Psoriasis

Psoriatic patients sometimes, but very rarely develop generalized pustule formation which may be complicated by arthritis, exfoliation and constitutional symptoms. Pustular psoriasis causes pus-filled blisters that vary in size and location, but often occur on the hands and feet. The blisters may be localized, or spread over large areas of the body. Pustular psoriasis can be both tender and painful, can cause fevers, and may require antibiotic treatment.

Localized psoriasis is confined to palms and soles as pinhead pustules on red exfoliating macules. Differentiation is from tinea, acrodermatitis perstans and bacteroid. Condition is precipitated by steroids, iodides, salicylates etc.

Lesions may be on old patches. Pustules may coalesce to form lakes of pus.

There are following types of Postular Psoriasis:

•  Localized pustular psoriasis:

•  Acropustulosis:

•  Generalized pustular psoriasis:

•  Palmoplantar pustulosis:

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