Acne Psoriasis Treatment
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Psoriasis Types

Various types of Psoriasis are as follows:

  1. Plaque psoriasis
  2. Eruptive psoriasis
  3. Flexural Psoriasis
  4. Postular Psoriasis
  5. Psoriasis Arthropathica
  6. Guttate Psoriasis
  7. Scalp Psoriasis
  8. Psoriatic Arthritis
  9. Genital Psoriasis
  10. Psoriatic Nails
  11. Inverse Psoriasis
  12. Erythrodermic Psoriasis
  13. Psoriasis and Eczema

Psoriasis: it can change over time

Sometimes, psoriasis starts as one type, and evolves into another. If you notice a significant change in your symptoms, or if you have any questions about which type of psoriasis you may have, talk with your dermatologist.

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