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Atopic Dermatitis

What is Atopic Dermatitis ?

Atopic Dermatitis occurs commonly among people of all age groups. Although it is very common, it is pretty dangerous as well. It is a common, relapsing disorder that causes rashes and itching, at times intense, and usually improves later in childhood. Many people, however, continue to be affected to some degree throughout their lives. Some studies show that breastfed children have a lower incidence of atopic dermatitis.

Seventy-five percent of the cases greatly improve by the time children reach adolescence, but 25% continue to have difficulties with the condition through adulthood.

What are the symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis ?

Here is the common symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis :

  1. Atopic skin often is dry and sensitive, and intense itching is a cardinal feature.
  2. The constant rubbing and scratching this provokes sets in motion an itch-scratch cycle that is difficult to control.
  3. Newly affected areas are quite itchy, and the skin is red with weeping or blistering.
  4. Scratching can create wounds, and the skin can become thick and dark, with marked folds, over time.

What are the causes of Atopic Dermatitis ?

Genetics play an important role in the occurrence of atopic dermatitis, although the exact mechanism is unknown. The causes of Atopic Dermatitis are unknown and it is still under research by scientists.

Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis - With Home Remedies

Management of atopic dermatitis includes treating the various aspects of this disease. Because atopic skin is often quite dry and irritated, emollients are a mainstay of treatment. Daily baths or showers, followed immediately by the application of moisturizers, helps to restore the protective skin barrier. Crusted and oozing areas respond to wet, lukewarm water compresses or a weak aluminum acetate solution. Bath oils lubricate dry areas, but care should be taken with young children because oils can make the bathtub slippery. Bubble baths should be avoided because they irritate the skin. Cigarette smoking should not be allowed in homes where there is a family member suffering from atopic dermatitis, and pets should be kept outdoors as much as possible. Regular dusting of furniture and vacuuming of carpets and drapes are recommended.

Soft cotton clothing is preferable to wool, which can irritate the skin and trigger a flare-up. In summertime, air conditioning helps. In the winter, heated dry air can exacerbate the condition, so moisturizers should be applied frequently.

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