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What is Bateman's Purpura ?

Bateman's purpura (BP) is a bruised lesion that is commonly seen on the sun-exposed extensor surfaces of forearms and hands in elderly individuals. In it bruising on the back of the hands and arms is common, Bateman's purpura is due to the weakened state of blood vessel walls from many years of sun exposure.  Blood thinners, including Aspirin, coumadin, alcohol and vitamin E all may worsen the condition. Steroids, either  as a cream, pill or inhaled for lung disease, can bring the condition on.

Bateman's Purpura is a very common type of skin disorders but is very dangerous also. Bateman's purpura refers to flat, irregular, purple lesions that appear on your skin as you get older. They are common, but not dangerous.

Here you find all terms related to Bateman's Purpura, like symptoms, causes and effective treatment.

What are the causes of Bateman's Purpura ?

The cause of the Bateman's Purpura is sun-damaged skin. Bateman's purpura is due to the weakened state of blood vessel walls.

  • Sun exposure and aging are the most common cause of bateman's purpura
  • Bateman's purpura is due to the weakened state of blood vessel walls. Over many years, sunlight damages the skin and underlying blood vessels, making the walls very fragile. With slight trauma (brushing against something) the walls break and the blood leaks into the surrounding skin.
  • Alcohol, aspirin, and prednisone can contribute to the formation of Bateman's purpura.
  • Chronic sun exposure leads to skin changes that predispose patients to actinic purpura.
  • Because of the ultraviolet-induced atrophy, the connective tissue of the dermis is no longer able to adequately support the microvasculature.
  • As a result, even minor trauma can tear the blood vessels, leading to the extravasation of blood

Treatment of Bateman's Purpura - With Home Remedies

Different Types of Treatment For Bateman's Purpura are available, some are :

  • Cosmetics can be used to camouflage the lesions
  • Vitamin K cream
  • alpha hydroxyacid lotions
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