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What is Candida ?

Candida are yeast that normally inhabits our digestive system: the mouth, throat, intestines and genitourinary tract. Our immune system is suppose to keep it under control. It is normal to have small amounts of Candida so the friendly and protective bacteria in our body called "Acidophillus and Bifidus" can use it as food. When something happens to kill off these friendly bacteria the Candida cells begin to multiply out of control.

Candida is a very common type of skin disorders but is very dangerous also. Candida or Monilia is a skin rash caused by a yeast living on normal skin of 80% of all people. Candida infection sometimes occurs as a result of antibiotic therapy.

Here you find all terms related to Candida, like symptoms, causes and effective treatment.

What are the causes of Candida ?

The cause of the Candida is yeast called Candida albicans.

1) Antibiotics: Antibiotics destroy both harmful bacteria and good bacteria. When antibiotics destroy friendly bacteria it gives the Candida a chance to begin to multiply.

2) Birth control devices or pills

3) Excessive stress and elevated cortisol

4) Tap water consumption, drugs or alcohol consumption

5) Parasites and intestinal worms

6) Constipation, Hypothyroid

7) Immune deficiency or harmonal imbalance

Treatment of Candida - With Home Remedies

Different Types of Treatment For Candida are available, some are :

  • hydrocortisone cream
  • use pills for resistant cases
  • glucose tolerance test done to rule out diabetes mellitus
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